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Collectors’ Wines

Collectors’ Wines

Imeneus - Fattorie dei Dolfi. A great wine descended from the past.

The  myth  says  that  Imeneus,  offspring

of Aphrodite  and  Bacchus,  was  a

young Athenian  of  modest  social

standing  but  of extraordinary  beauty.

He  fell  in  love  with  a  young

noble  girl.


While  she  was  travelling  to  Eleusis,

she  was captured  by  pirates  with

her  handmaids; among  them  there 

was  also  Imeneus,  who  was mistaken

for  a  girl.

While  the  captors  were  sleeping,

he  slew them  all  and  brought

the  girls  back  safe  to Athens.

For  his  courageous  deed,  he  was

awarded the  hand  of  his  beloved.


For  this  reason,  the  ancient

Greeks  invoked  Imeneus  as  a

bringer  of  happiness  in  marriage.


100% Prugnolo Gentile (or Sangiovese Grosso) grape variety.

Massal selection from our old family vineyards.

In the past the Prugnolo Gentile was the grape variety used to produce Brunello di Montalcino.


Matures 24-36 months in carefully selected barriques that do not bring wood scents.

Tasting Notes

Color: joyous ruby red, velvety and brilliant.

Fragrance: full, rich and persistent with hints of fragrant fruit in perfect harmony with sweet spices that give it complexity.

Flavor: it has exceptional skills of elegance in order to be truly unique, aristocratic and with a closing of great length and cleanliness.

Unparalleled and unique wine.


Vintage 2008: 1419 (no more available).

Vintage 2009: 1452 (no more available).

Vintage 2010: 1709 (no more available).

Vintage 2011: 1450 (no more available). 

Vintage 2012: 1452 (no more available).

Vintage 2013: 1461 (waiting list open).

'l Bruno de' Venti - Fattorie dei Dolfi. A wine difficult to forget

The  story  goes  that  many  years  ago,

the  woods  surrounding  this  vineyard

were  the  refuge  of  a  dark  skinned

reclusive  with  piercing  eyes,

very  attractive  to  women.

He  lived  by  poaching  game

and  doing  whatever  he  could.

No  one  knew  exactly  where

he  lived,  but  from  time  to  time

he  appeared  near  Poggio  ai  Venti

vineyard,  and  so  the  people

hereabouts  called  him

“’l  Bruno de’  Venti ”

(the  Dark  Fellow  of  the  Winds).


Merlot with small additions of Cabernet Franc.

Merlot vines from massal selection from 50-70 years old vines.

Cabernet Franc vines from massal selection from our old vines.



Matures 24-36 months in carefully selected barriques that do not bring wood scents.

Tasting Notes

Color: ruby red tending to garnet, velvety yet brilliant.

Fragrance: very fragrant and rich with intense notes of cherry, plums and hints of toasted spices.

Flavor: authoritarian and persistent, with soft and elegant tannins.

A unique and elegant wine.



Vintage 2008: 1743 (non more available).

Vintage 2009: 1790 (non more available).

Vintage 2010: 1696 (non more available).

Vintage 2011: 1811 (non more available)

Vintage 2012: 1432 (non more available).

Vintage 2013: 1420 (waiting list open).

ll'Amor de' Santi - Fattorie dei Dolfi. A fine, harmonious, first class wine

This  is  the  title  of  a  15th-century  prayer  in  the  Tuscan  language  that  the  farmer,  together  with  the  parish  priest,  used  to  recite  in  the  fields,  invoking  the  protection  of  the  saints  against  misfortunes  and  to  have  a  good  harvest.


Cabernet Franc and Grenache Bouschet (or Alicante).

Cabernet Franc and Grenache Bouschet (or Alicante) vines from massal selection.

Grenache Bouschet (or Alicante) vines from massal selection that has been widely cultivated since 1866 in France and then spread from the original birthplace to our old family vineyards before 1923.



Matures 24-36 months in carefully selected barriques that do not bring wood scents.

Tasting Notes

Color: full ruby red tending to garnet, balanced and brilliant.

Fragrance: full, noble and developed bouquet with intense notes of black fruits and hints of plum and blackberry.

Flavor: also full, of great finesse and authority. Rich texture. elegant and unique, deep and soft with a long and pleasantly tannic closing.

A fine, harmonious, first class wine.


Vintage 2008: 1801 (no more available).

Vintage 2009: 1697 (no more available).

Vintage 2010: 1729 (no more available).

Vintage 2011: 1490 (no more available)

Vintage 2012: 1402 (no more available).

Vintage 2013: 1468 (waiting list open).

Bianco per Amore.jpg
foto Bianco per Amore-2021.png


Wine produced with pinot chardonnay grapes.



Suitable for moderate ageing.

Tasting Notes

Color: shiny straw yellow and bright.

Fragrance: ample bouquet of exceptional finesse and elegance.

Flavor: complete, harmonious and velvety, aristocratic of great breed.

Serving Temperature

14 - 15 °C

It amazes for its aristocratic elegance.


Vintage 2017: 251 (no more available).
Vintage 2018: 182 (no more available).

Vintage 2019: 143 (no more available).

Vintage 2020: 242 (no more available).

Vintage 2021: 187 (waiting list open).

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