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The Oils of Selection

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our olive trees, even centuries-old, have always been planted in plot of lands surrounded by woods.

In this way the olive trees, in harmony with the territory and the woods, suffered less from the temperature variations and therefore produced better and with a constant quality over time.

The extraordinary richness of our soil allows olive trees to produce a precious, fragrant and aromatic extra virgin olive oil.

Our olive groves, according to tradition, are planted so that the various types of olive trees allow to obtain a perfect, typical and traditional blend of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

The varieties present are lecciolo, moraiolo, pendolino and frantoiano.

Harvesting, as tradition, is performed exclusively by hand, selecting the olives in all their freshness.

To prevent oxidation, the olives are brought to the oil mill on the same day of harvesting and pressed immediately.

Tasting Notes

Our oil is clear, limpid and green colored.

It delivers delicate scents of aromatic herbs.

The strong flavor with a slightly spicy taste is obtained by picking the olives at their proper ripening time.

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