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Our Story

For over 100 years our vineyards have been growing on a land like no other.

Our special combination of soil and climate, our innovative and pioneering spirit, our commitment to quality combine to offer unique, intense and different experiences.

The vineyards benefit from the moderating effect of the maritime climate, with long hours of sunshine and nights cooled by the sea breezes.

The long ripening period of the grapes, the selective grape harvests enables us to produce harmonious wines, balanced in acidity and characterized by purity and intensity.

In each glass of our wines there is a world to discover.


Our wines are a unique experience. 


Grape harvesting in the '50s.





Historical photo of the man nicknamed 'l Bruno de' Venti (The Dark Fellow of the Winds).





Cadastral map of the XIX century.

It shows the mapping of Fattorie dei Dolfi vineyards: Podere Poggio di Galleta and Podere San Giorgio.





Notizie e Studi sui Vini Italiani.

Frontispiece of "Notizie e Studi sui Vini Italiani" (Bulletin and Studies on Italian Wines), published in 1923 by the Agriculture Department of the Ministry of National Economy.





Notizie e Studi sui Vini Italiani.

List of the most widely-planted grape varieties in the province of Pisa.





Notizie e Studi sui Vini Italiani.

"A Lari si producono vini fini…", in English: "Lari produces fine wines".





Cultivations in the vineyard in the '50s.





Don Giuseppe Bendinelli, parish priest in Perignano di Lari.

Over the centuries, certain monastic orders in Italy devoted untiring and closely-focused attention to the development of the culture of wine and viticulture. Don Giuseppe too was a student and devotee of grapegrowing and winemaking .



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